Nursery Care is provided  
during each service & most events.

Call ahead of time:
(209) 723-2395 to see if the event
you're coming to is providing Nursery Care. 



Children Ages 3 Months - 4 Years


Our Nursery is located off the Foyer at the Front Entrance - make a left and continue down the hall past the restrooms.

Our Nursery is always clean & sanitized.

Do to health concerns for the children; clothes and shoes are required when you enter the nursery, please wash your hands before you enter, do not bring any food or drink into the Nursery.

Sign in your child when you drop them off, DO NOT forget to sign them out when you pick them up! The same person that signs in the child is the only one authorized to pick up that child unless it is a parent or legal guardian. Visitors to the Nursery must first check in with the nursery attendant. You must be at least 14 years old to sign in the child.

Anyone volunteering for the nursery must be at least 14 years old,

and those 18 years of age and older must be graduated from high school and

submit to the Church Office a background check and be free of any child related

criminal activity.  Talk to the Nursery Attendant about how you can volunteer.