Our Pastor


My name is Pastor Juan Ochoa and I have been married to my wife Cindy for 11 years. We currently have no children but are the proud owners of a very small dog named Tyson.

I received The Call from the Lord to become a minister back in 2005 and have been sharing the gospel with people ever since. In 2011, I began to work on my credentials through Global University, and was licensed by the Assemblies of God in December 2017.  As for my work career and education, I have been in the business sector for over 10 years and have taken classes for business at Merced College. My wife completed her AA degree in Child Development at Merced College in May 2018.

My wife and I have worked side by side in ministry for years. We share the same passion and love for the Lord and His people. Our main goal is to see all grow into their destiny that God has set out for them. We also have a deep love for the lost, we were all lost at one time, and desire to see people come to the knowledge of the truth and confess Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Cindy was born and raised in Merced, and I have been in Merced since 1989. We had a rough life surrounded by drugs, gangs, and violence but by the grace of God, we have found hope in Christ. We have been restored because of God’s love and peace through trusting in His ultimate plan. 

As a Spirit-filled believer, the Lord has heightened the gift of prophecy and interpretation in my life. He has also given me a deep hunger to study the Word and to proclaim it to the people. Over the years I have ministered to people who came from all levels of society such as: drug & alcohol abuse, hurting youth, children whose lives have been affected by a broken home, people dealing with suicidal thoughts, couples struggling in their marriages, and the elderly.

If there is anything that we can do to help serve you or your family, please contact the Office –  by phone 209-723-2395 or email: CalvaryAssemblyMerced@Gmail.com.


Hope to hear from you soon!

Pastor Juan Ochoa